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What Is Web Design?

Web Design Basics

Web design covers a great deal more than just colors and pictures. And as you can see, I've included 2 different templates / designs in this site so you can see a little of the capabilities of Joomla!, and you can get an idea of how you can make your site...different.

So, what is Web design becomes a complex question.

Paint PalletteWeb design is the layout for the Web site. Yes, it includes the overall look. A professional developer knows everything that must be included in a design and what makes one design better than another. Contrary to what you may think, there is more than just what "looks good to me" involved. If you'd like to "Request a Bid" so that I can help you with your project, please do that. Don't feel compelled to read all of the pages. I may be able to create a new site for you, including a new template of your choice, for less than $300.

Simply putting together some "pretty colors" that "look cool" to the designer is not a professional design. There must be thought, planning, and careful consideration of what visitors expect. This includes where the navigation is found, how easy it is to learn the navigation, and whether it's all logical. Suprisingly, there is psychology that goes into "professional" Web development.

That means Web design is the responsibility of the developer to include all of the following:

  • the menu, perhaps even provide more than one menu
  • organizing the menu items
  • colors that complement one another (this is critical)
  • images related to the content
  • the area for the content (or text)
  • position(s) of the menu(s)
  • positions of images
  • flow of the pages (the logical path through your pages)
  • including the 4 necessary colors to attract and comfort visitors
  • where to put the 4 colors, which colors, how much and why
  • how to control the 64 character limit (something that is "rarely" implemented in any Web site)
  • how much "white space" is necessary

L.T. Creations, LLC Screen ShotWhat is Web Design

The question "what is Web design" used to be searched more than a million times a month. Surprisingly, clients don't ask developers they hire that same question. They presume it's the same with every developer. That same question today is searched only a few thousand times.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Discuss this question with anybody you are considering so that you know what "they" think is involved.

In every professional media (i.e. books; magazines; newspapers; etc.) there is a 64 character limit, including spaces, for the length of any single sentence. Web sites are now read more than any other source but so many refuse to adhere to what studies have proven.

Create a Comfortable User ExperienceA Web site developer is responsible for the knowledge of what studies have been done with regard to people reading text, what promotes visitors to relax in your site and how to apply this information. As the site owner, you are responsible to hire a professional who knows all of this.

Bad User ExperienceThe design, then, equates to the usability of the site and how comfortable visitors are when reviewing your site. There are specific colors that promote a feeling of relaxation when combined correctly. Making sure there are no obnoxious moving images, pop-ups, or objects that get in the way of the user experience is a big part of the process.

The idea of your Web site is to create content within a design that entices visitors to spend time in your site and, ultimately, use your services or products. Which type of user experience would you like your Web site to promote? Request a Bid to get your project started.