Let me paint your vision on the canvas called the Web

Web Design Process

My process is simple.

My goal is to create what you want and what you need.

Your input is welcome throughout the development.

Step 1 - Requirements

submit a bidOnce you Requested A Bid through my form, call me, or through whatever means we communicate, I begin gathering as much information as possible.

I'll need (as an example) to know what you plan to do with your site, if you are going to need a domain name, hosting, a shopping cart, credit card processing, SEO, and the specific industry or audience to which your site will be targeted.

Once I have concluded the needs for the project, I'll share all of the details with you so that you understand the time and costs involved.

Step 2 - Agreement

After I have discussed what I will provide and agreed to develop your project, I'll prepare and submit my standard Agreement to you for your approval. You will have the opportunity to edit anything in the Agreement.

Once the Agreement has been signed it will be returned to me with 50% of the total project cost as a down-payment. The person whose name appears on the Agreement shall have 100% authority and responsibility for the project.

All communications will be through and with the person who signs the Agreement, or an officer assigned with that responsibility.

Any person(s) assigned or representing your project will have full responsibility for any decisions.

Upon receipt of the Agreement and the down-payment, I will begin the development process. All requirements will be listed in the Agreement.

Step 3 - Project Draft

At that point I will provide you an initial draft of the project. You will have the opportunity to discuss any changes if necessary, or simply approve the draft. Any revisions will be made at that point. The project will remain a "draft" until there are no further revisions and the draft has been approved for development.

All content and inclusions are the responsibility of the Web site owner. I will assist as necessary.

CompletedStep 4 - Completion

Having concluded any revisions, development or outlines from steps 3 and 1, the project will be considered complete and the remaining 50% of the total project cost will be due. An E-mail message confirming this step will be submitted to the authorized representative and/or signor of the Agreement.

NOTE: Any requests, expectations or mandates that were not part of the original requirements and/or listed in the Agreement will be added to the total cost of the project should they take longer than 1 hour of development time.

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