Let me paint your vision on the canvas called the Web

Website Builder


That's correct! I'll create a Web site for you at no charge - FREE - using Joomla! or WordPress.

Here is what you get in my "deal":

  1. I'll install either Joomla! or WordPress (the most current version available) - you must already have a hosting account with cPanel. You may contact A2Hosting.com if you need a great hosting company. If your hosting company does not have cPanel, you need to move to a "quality" hosting company.
  2. I'll install your template you have chosen. This means you find either a free or paid template designed for the latest version of the content management system (CMS) you select (Joomla! or WordPress), and I'll install that template.
  3. I'll create 1 contact page.
  4. I'll add the copy to the "home" page that you have already prepared. This means you must have the content written and I'll add it to the page.
  5. I'll make sure the template, home page and contact page are fully functional.

A website builder for more than 20 years is offering you a free website and the only thing you have to do is procure a template and hosting plan. But I've even helped you with the hosting to recommend www.A2Hosting.com so that you don't have to stress over that either. A2Hosting is a highy quality company with expert technical support.

If you don't see something listed above, it is not included in the "deal". order star clear sm

Any content will be what you provide. If you have several documents of content that you want to use for the pages of your site, I'll use the documents and create the pages. The free website includes just 1 page of content. If you have multiple pages I'll be happy to create them at my standard hourly rate, which means that would be in addition to the above list.

If you don't see something in the list that you would like to address, my standard hourly rate is $55. I can customize the template, the entire site, add images, create images for you, create unlimited numbers of pages, install a shopping cart for e-Commerce, and provide whatever you need to make your site exactly what you wish. But the "free website" only includes what you find in the above list. order star clear sm

If you wish to have any search engine optimization (SEO) added, that is done after the Web site is completed. SEO mandates more than 60 hours for one page when done professionally. Adding keywords, titles, descriptions, etc., is not the extent of SEO. Those things can be done in less than 1 hour per page. If that's all you wish to add in the way of SEO, my hourly rate is $55.

Professional SEO includes many hours of studying the product or service in your site, analyzing the site against the competition, manipulating the content in order to "truly" be optimized, and then monitoring the site several times per week for any changes in the search engines positions for your site pages. order star clear sm


You may be asking why I'm willing to create a Web site for you at no charge. It's simple. Today, creating a Joomla! or WordPress "default" installation takes about 20 minutes. If a template is already available, it takes about 10 minutes to install the template and revew the site to see if everything is functioning properly.

Does it seem fair to charge hundreds of dollars for less than 40 minutes work? NO! So, I'm offering roughly 1 hour of my time to you to get the basic Web site created. Then, you'll find that what I do is fast, professional, and you will be saving money to have me continue to work with your on your project for adding pages, updates, troubleshooting, which is what I do for all my clients.

The issues that arise after the site is developed are usually the problems that render a site useless. You'd hate to see your new site disabled and be an embarassing mess to your clients or customers. So, you want someone who is always available, fast, knows what he's doing, and will keep you looking very professional.

If you'd like to have me bid on your project, since it may be more than just a simple installation, please "Request A Bid". I look forward to working with you.