Let me paint your vision on the canvas called the Web

Completed Projects

Take a look at a few of the projects I have developed and / or designed. Having been in business for so many years, a large portion of projects I've created are no longer on the Net.

If you would like additional information about any of the projects you see displayed, please use the "Contact me" form to submit your inquiry.

Whether you have a custom design, need help with updating or troubleshooting your project, or something else that requires someone with "well rounded" experience, you'll find that I have the necessary qualifications.

My projects range from hand-coded sites from early 2000's to the most sophisticated developments of today's technology. Simple, complex or somewhere in between projects are where I'm comfortable.

Much of my time is spent in updating, repairing, migrating or otherwise helping clients. Any "worth while" developer can create a site with a "cookie-cutter" template that is found for free or those for which you pay. If that describes your project, you shouldn't have to pay more than about $300.

I usually develop a less complicated design for one very good reason. Mobile devices cannot render all the complicated designs. You spend a lot of money to get some great, complex, "latest-greatest" design, and only 50% of the visitors can see your creation. Mobile devices can render "everything" that I create. And if it's "unique" you are after, check out the spinning blocks at Just FiBi.