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Bellingham Web Design

I started with Bellingham Web design and grew to incorporate most every state across the U.S. Bellingham Web design and search engine optimization (SEO) became more than just local development. Since 2000 I have worked with developers around the world, but develop Web sites only in the U.S.

Starting in a small town has taught me that local businesses have an easier time to reach a great search engine position, but most business owners don't know that. In the nearly 20 years that I've been developing Web sites, most small to medium businesses are very hesitant (to say the least) to hire a developer. Most developers "sell" their services as opposed to providing quality, truthful information to a potential client in order that they may make well-informed decisions. I take pride in retaining incomparable business ethics which includes providing endless information.

Whatcom County Mt. Baker Experience Counts:

With more than 16 years of Web design, hosting, optimization, content management development and all that is included, I consult with other companies and individuals on troubleshooting problems or issues they have with a Web site in addition to most any aspect of a Web site. I bring that experience to every client and provide them comfort in knowing they will get sound, quality advice.

Local Optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become second-nature to me, especially when working with a local company. Having placed many companies in a top-10 search engine results position, you are assured a better chance at success than with any other developer. Retaining that position is the responsibility of the Web site owner since any change in the site will directly effect the search results position. As such, I've seen most of the Web sites to which I've applied SEO, even though they attained a top-10 position, have closed their doors for business.

Bellingham Web design and SEO is no different than any other city. The competition is less than national search results and requires less time to attain a page 1 position. Having succeeded in putting many clients on the first page of search results nationally provides the local business person a great deal of comfort to know my capabilities are right here in Bellingham.

Whatcom Falls Do you need big, or small?

As you can see from a brief look around this site, it's more than what most local businesses seek. Because I offer services that involve many options, it's important for "my" site to display more information. Most local businesses are happy with 5 to 10 pages to create a simple site and I'm glad to provide that simple, professional presentation. A small project may cost less than $300. Find out about your project - Reguest a Bid.

If it's a clean, simple Web site you seek, I'm ready to create that for you. If you have a tremendous number of products you wish to sell in your site, I'm also very adept at developing a first-class, easy to use system that will not only display your products very nicely, but allow you to control the images, prices, options and every aspect of your site.

Big or small, or perhaps somewhere in between, I've created so many projects since 1996 that there is little I have not encountered. Put my experience to work for your business. Increase your revenue through the redevelopment or new development of your Web site.

My main area of focus since 2006 has been Joomla! developments. For over 10 years I've been developing with Joomla! and the complexities of that content management system (CMS). I've combined Joomla! with one of the most popular e-Commerce shopping carts, Virtuemart, and creating custom projects for clients around the US. Many of whom have found me "after" they attempted to have other developers address their needs. WordPress is also a CMS with which I'm very comfortable. However, it's not great for major e-Commerce. But for small to medium sites that have only a few products, WordPress is great.

Be Well-Informed:

I like to include a great deal of information - as much as the client desires - in order that they understand what is necessary and why. My rates are very competitive. Allow me to quote you a price for your project.

Give me a call today - 360-733-3667. Or use my convenient "Contact Me" form to send me your questions. Better yet, you can "Request a Bid" in order to find out what it will take in time and investment for your project.