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How To SEO

Over Budget - Empty PocketsYou wanted to start a Website but you didn't know how, have the time or the desire to learn. So, you hired a Bellingham SEO developer - or someone using that label for what they provided. You paid to include search engine optimization but your site is only found when searching "pet rabbits" - and you sell tires (..or some similar scenario).

You tried to learn how to SEO, even hired someone local in Bellingham - maybe more than 2 times. You tried someone you found through the Internet, perhaps even in another country. What you were left with was...well, the guy to the right pretty well sums up everything.

Now that you've exhausted whatever budget you planned - perhaps more - your Web site is still not fit to show your potential customers. So you're thinking, "How hard could it be to do it myself?"

You "could" create your own Web site - if you have the right tools. But, with your limited knowledge of Web sites, how do you know what tools you need? I have that answer for you here.


It's not possible for me to lay out step-by-step instructions. Every Web site is different than another. There may be similarities, but that's not close enough to create step-by-step instructions.

I'm not going to make you think that will happen on this page either. In fact, I can tell you that it won't happen - "anywhere". It's not possible to provide step-by-step instructions for SEO because every site is different and every keyword phrase requires different steps. Each site is like a snowflake. Don't let anybody fool you into believing you'll be able to optimize your site well by reading a book or two...or even doing research on the Net. It takes years to become an accomplished SEO professional with the ability to optimize any site.

No TimeBut take a look at our free e-Book. After reading that you should be able to get your site up and running. Of course search engine optimization, even small-town Bellingham SEO still remains the most difficult part of the site development, but is also the most critical. Before you go to the book, please finish reading these pages because they will add to what you will find in the e-Book.

I Don't Have Time:

In what little time you have had to investigate Bellingham SEO, you found that it's not only the how to create the site you need to know. You've read search engine optimization is something you need but it may take the next 3 years (or more) for research and experimenting in order to understand enough to succeed.

Wait! Isn't that why you paid developers?! Maybe...but no "professional" in SEO will provide the service for less than $500 - PER PAGE!

How To SEO:

confused-smEverything you find relating to Bellingham SEO (or any SEO) makes no sense and has you wasting time. People say the learn how to SEO books and information are all over the Internet - just search. You searched how to SEO and everything you found may as well have been written in another language.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a more closely guarded secret than instructions for building a nuclear bomb - and perhaps more confusing. At least with the bomb there are step-by-step instructions that do not contain "...if this is present, then that has to be done..."


instructions-smIt's simple to explain why it's so difficult.

SEO Information Is Confusing:

How to SEO includes so many unkown factors that only an expert can understand how to apply SEO for your specific page (or pages). Every single page on the Internet is different - perhaps only slightly, but they are like snowflakes - no 2 are alike or "should be" alike.

If there are 2 pages the same, 1 of them, maybe even both, are going to be penalized and pushed back in the search results because they are duplicates. If both of those pages exist in your site, well, plan on nobody ever finding your site.

Can you begin to see why how to SEO is not a "1, 2, 3, 4..." step process that you apply with step-by-step instructions? Each page has to have specific "things" done. But each page is different and so are the SEO "things" that need to be addressed.

Just Give Me Instructions:

Windsor Knot InstructionsEven if a how to SEO book of instructions existed there would be the need for another book to explain the terminology. In short, instructions currently sound like, "...if your page has this text then..." here some generic instructions. But because your page actually has some other text then that changes everything and the generic instructions don't apply.

In the picture to the left you see instructions for tying a Windsor Knot. These are simple instructions because there are only 2 things involved - the tie and your hands.

Think of SEO as a 1,000 piece puzzle - one with NO picture and every piece the same color. Each page in a Web site represents 1 puzzle. There are puzzles that are similar, but every 1,000 piece puzzle is slightly different - especially when there is no picture and all pieces are the same color.

How to SEO is like a one color puzzleYou have to look at each piece over and over to see how it fits. Somehow you need to organize the pieces so you have somewhere to start. You begin to put the pieces together and have only the fact that pieces fit together as any indication of your success.

Now, how in the world are you going to write "step-by-step" instructions to assemble the puzzle, beginning from when you open the box?

I have some help for you. Whether you are going with the "do-it-yourself" routine or hiring someone, continue to the next page.

Search Engine Optimization Steps

Ok. You're determined to do it yourself. I got that. Just don't think that even in Bellingham it should be any easier than larger cities or nationwide. Bellingham SEO is still very difficult because all the same rules apply for how it's done in a site doing business worldwide.

Before you go any further I'd like you to read how close my methods are to what Google recommends. About 2/3 of the way down that page you'll see a heading, "Choose Wisely", and a link to a Seattle Times article which will also help you when seeking services for SEO or any Internet development.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Analyze your site - this means you need to have a trusted source, a site/service that allows you to visually see what keywords and keyword phrases appear on your page(s).
  2. Analyze the search engines to determine how much competition there is for any single keyword phrase you are considering for your site. If there are more than 1 million results you may be in over your head attempting to do this on your own. Maybe you can find a less competitive but still highly relevant keyword phrase.
  3. Analyze what keyword phrases are being searched to find sites similar to yours, or your competition (even better). Once you review the search results on page 1 (the others don't mean anything at this point) you can begin to compare your site to theirs.
  4. In the analysis, determine where your keyword phrases need to appear and how often.
  5. If they are not already included, add the "proper" meta tags and assure each has the correct information included. Simply adding something that you "want" in a meta tag is not going to work. Each of those tags needs to define the ONE page on which you are working.
  6. Determine how much content the page needs in order to provide enough "density".
  7. Write content that is highly relevant and is interesting as well as informative to your readers/visitors.
  8. If you are selling a product on this page, "Content is King"! Your product is going to be secondary to the SEO.
  9. Like washing your hair, repeat these steps for the same page to get better results. When the numbers are great you can apply the process to another page.

SEO is Like a MazeYou see, the process is quite extensive because you don't simply apply some "magic" and the page becomes perfectly optimized. This is why it costs a fortune to have it done professionally. It's a long (sometimes months), tedious and stressful process. Here is a further description.

Relevant or "Highly" Relevant?

Done correctly, your site will be viewed highly relevant and achieve a good search results position. Done poorly, your site will be back 20 to 400 pages in the search results - or worse. If you don't apply SEO at all, well, chances are that your page and site will be more than several hundred pages back in the search engines - or not listed at all.

I Don't Need SEO

Money TreeThat's right. You don't need SEO in order to have a Web site. SEO is used to get your site positioned in the search engines so that people can find your site. After all. If nobody comes to your site, what was the point of creating the site? Money grows on trees. Right?!

Make no mistake. Just because you have a Web site that "YOU" think is very obviously relevant (to whatever you are selling, providing or for whatever reason you created the site) does not mean the search engines have to agree with you. You are competing against millions of other sites and billions of other pages on the Internet.

Even if there are only 10 companies that compete with you the search results for the keyword phrases related to your business/services/products are highly competitive and may have more than 10 million results.

Look at step 1 (above). Analysis is a huge part of SEO for before, during and after the application. If you analyzed your page(s), do it again, and again until you are certain that you are ready to compete.

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Search Engine Optimization Process

SEO Process:

seo-flowchart-smFirst, is it possible for you to learn how to apply SEO to your own Web site? Yes.

Second, how long will it take to learn? A minimum of 3 years!

Am I kidding, trying to scare you, or worse, lying just to get your business?! NO!

If you have a good idea of what the image to the left means, then you stand a good chance of being able to apply your own SEO.

If you have no clue what that flow chart to the left means, you are among the other (approximately) 90% of the population and you'll need to hire a professional.

Know How To Program:

code-smThe process of learning SEO means you must first understand the terminology, learn HTML, knowing which "tags" must be addressed, how, and most importantly study the algorithms of the search engines.

OH YEAH! You can't study the algorithms of the search engines because those are all heavily guarded secrets! No matter who you know, for how long, or how much you offer someone, only those working for the search engine will know the algorithms and they are sworn to secrecy - legally. You can't access anything within the search engines to find that information either.

So how in the world would anybody know what the search engines want in order to satisfy their demands?

There is only one word for that and it's the deepest, darkest secret of every SEO expert - EXPERIENCE.

What you MUST understand:

Ok. Let's presume for a minute that you know a lot about HTML, tags, terminology and how to build a Web site. Since you know all of that you only need to know the steps for SEO. Here are the steps.

  1. What is the main subject of 1 page of 1 Web site?
  2. What are the keywords (see Glossary) in the page?
  3. Are people searching those keywords or keyword phrases?
  4. What "relevant" keyword phrases do people search to find similar Web sites to yours?
  5. Is the content on that 1 page highly "relevant" to the subject of the page?
  6. Are there "correct" heading tags in the page?
  7. Are the keyword phrases linked?
  8. What is(are) the density of the keyword(s) phrase(s) in the page?
  9. What is the prominence of the keyword phrase(s)?
  10. Are the meta tags "stuffed"?
  11. Do the meta tags exist?
  12. Are the "correct" meta tags in the page?
  13. Are the keywords in the meta tags found on the page?
  14. How do the search engines view the page?
  15. Do the search engines find the keyword phrase "YOU" thought was obvious on the page?
  16. Do the search engines find "other" keyword(s) phrase(s) more important on your page?
  17. How does your site compare to those in the first 3 positions on the first page of search results?
  18. How do you change your 1 page to be "more" relevant to the "correct" keyword terms(s)?
  19. Once the page is within the top 3 pages of search results, how to do you get it to page 1?
  20. Is the content on the page written so that it makes sense to visitors?
  21. Did you write the content for what you "think" the search engines want to see?
  22. Do you have all the proper "tools" for the work?
  23. What tools do you need?

Necessary Tools:

You must have:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • FTP software
  • Software to create a Web site (content management system - CMS - i.e. Joomla! or WordPress).
  • Graphics software

Necessary ToolsIf you are missing just 1 of the above tools you cannot create, edit, fix or do anything but look at your Web site if it was created by someone else.

I offer my exclusive "Community Forum" to provide whatever help you need for FREE - no contracts or mandates.

Once you have your site up and developed the way you want, you'll need to tackle the SEO for your site.


Linking with Other WebsitesPlease read this carefully.

DO NOT attempt linking unless you know how and why!

Even before the debilitating blow from Google "Penguin" (April 24, 2012) to Web sites that had great ranking and search results positions, one had to be very careful to allow any links from unrelated or low-valued sites.

Today, Web site owners and developers are scrambling to get sites to remove links that were unsolicited. If your site has/had them, Google devalued your site to such a degree that it virtually disappeared from the search results.

To add insult to injury, Google as also punished any Web site that is not "mobile-friendly" (responsive).

You will hear many people "sell" you on the idea that a large part of SEO is to link with other Web sites. This was not true in 2000 (when the bad idea began circulating) and is today an even worse idea.

If you have links from other sites to yours, remove them unless the other Web sites are highly relevant to yours and are "valuable" Web sites  ("valuable" - rank high and in a top 10 search results position for something relevant to your site).

Call UsTo hire someone or otherwise spend the countless hours to request and build links to or from other sites is going to hurt your site - in the short-term and in the long-term. The same is true for writing articles with the same intent.

Today, search engines want to see what visitors want to see in your Web site - clean, logical, easy to read text that is highly relevant to the subject for each page. Anything else you do in "hopes" of attracting the search engines will be recognized by the search engines and dealt with accordingly.

Do the best job you can in creating each page of your site to be read by your visitors - nothing else. Add the "map" and "legend", then do traditional marketing.

Call me. Let me help.

I Give Up!:

If you are among the majority of the population you are doing this right now...


Don't let yourself get to this point.

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