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Bellingham SEO

SEO ConsultantBellingham SEO is an integral part to the "art" in making your Web site page(s) as relevant (click on the word for a definition) as possible. Relevant to what? Bellingham SEO (Search engine optimization) is complicated, and, depending upon your business, you may need nationwide coverage. I am here to help.

Let me consult with you about your SEO. Initially, the financial aspect can seem astronomical. But I can help you understand how to avoid the high costs, increase your sales, and have a Web site environment that is 100% mobile-friendly. For both national and local SEO, I can provide the SEO, answers, as well as low-cost alternatives.

SEO (click on the acronym for a definition) assures that your page(s) code, links in the page(s), meta tags, and content are written correctly so that the search engines view your page(s) as 'most' relevant to the topic of that 1 page. The SEO foundation is creating relevant content.

A highly relevant page that is "properly" optimized will, with a lot of hard work, attain a page 1 position in the major search engines. Request a Bid Today!

Search Engines

Flow Chart

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An algorithm is a method of well-defined instructions for calculating a function, in technical terms. Search engines use and change algorithms to best determine how pages get what positioned in the search results.

At the left is what's called a "flow chart". That is a visual representation of an algorithm. The instructions in the algorithm are created by statements similar to "if this is true then that happens".

Bellingham SEO from an expert means they have learned the core of search engine algorithms. This extensive education is not taught in any school and you won't find books teaching you how to "really" know this information. Whatever classes or materials are available relating to SEO is so generic that it won't actually teach you much.

It's not possible for anybody to know the specific algorithms of any search engine, unless of course you work for that search engine in that capacity. All employees are legally sworn to secrecy. So an SEO expert may not know the algorithms, but they have had so much experience that they have a very good idea of how the algorithms work.

In fact, Google announced a service called "Penguin" April 24, 2012. That algorithm put a tremendous number of white-hat, legal, "law abiding" Web sites in a very bad position. Because this algorithm specifically targets links coming into a Web site and ranks them as either good, questionable or spam - links over which a site owner has no control - site owners were left scratching their heads to understand how to regain their search engine positions. Those site owners scrambled to contact (in some cases thousands) of other site owners to remove the links.


Bellingham SEO has been my focus for more than 16 years. A minimum of 5 years both studying and applying in order to perfect "white hat" organic optimization is absolutely necessary for a person to claim they can apply SEO that works. There are schools, books and other training to teach this "art" of SEO. If you can find them, there are actually valuable books and teachers for this subject. But nothing will provide a person a degree or license to be an expert.

SEO ConsultantSearch engine optimization has to be learned through experience over the course of at least 5 years. You will understand most everything about SEO in approximately 2 years. But application is a huge part of the learning process.

SEO consultants attain the title of "professional" or "expert" through years of trial-and-error, applying new techniques and constantly reading and updating themselves with the changes in the search engine algorithms. What worked 2 years ago may not work today, depending on the "theories" one followed 2 years ago. Code used 6 years ago may very well hurt your chances of attaining a page 1 position.

Training and ExperienceLike training to be a physician one takes some classes to learn the basics. But there is no getting around the "internship" for SEO. T.A. Garrison, LLC has been applying optimization since the mid to late 1990's, reading, learning and practicing daily.

Professional SEO Consultant

As a Bellingham SEO expert, I will walk you through the process of applying optimization. You decide how much you with to know in order to attain the results you desire.

Quality SEO will deliver a top 10 position for your Web site where there are more than 10 million results and the Web site page will maintain that position. Many who label themselves as an SEO expert have minor success because they choose search terms with less than 100,000 results.

Bellingham SEO should be left to the experts and not someone who will provide their time at a low rate. Hiring a company or individual with less than 5 years experience or no verifiable results prior to contracting them is simply a waste of your time and money. Request A Bid Today!

What Is SEO?

City MapSearch engine optimization means writing content that is valuable, logical, and highly relevant to your business. But that's only part of the puzzle.

One of the things that will hurt your site is to have only 3 or 4 sentences on the page. Graphics with text or images that depict your business will never replace text.

Images are ignored by the search engines other than to assess how fast your page loads. Yes, that's also a serious consideration. If your page takes a long time to completely reveal the contents the search engines will not look favorably on your site.

LegendThink of each page in your Web site as a map of one city block. The content of your site (the text, images, etc.) represents the families living in each block, buildings, trees, roads, fire hydrants, cars, etc. Together these individual maps make up your entire site - a "map book", if you will. How will you connect each map? Why?

SEO is the legend for your maps. Each map (for obvious reasons) must have its own unique legend - because there are different families, houses, trees, etc. Like any map there are very specific labels for the legend.

Every change you make on the map means the legend has to be changed.

SEO defines all of that information on your page (map) so that the search engines know how to catalog each and every page.

If something is wrong with the map legend (SEO), or the legend does not indicate precisely what is on the map, the search engine will catalog your page with its "best guess" and you end up where people can't find your map. It gets cataloged out of sight due to the lack of "relevance" because the legend is doing a lousy job.

SEO InvestmentSEO Investment

Expert optimization is not inexpensive. Not only are you paying for the experience of the developer but each page takes approximately 20 hours to optimize. You don't expect doctors and lawyers to provide their services at $10 per hour. Nor should you expect to hire any professional at that rate.

There is NO other form of advertising that offers you a higher return on your investment! And still many businesses pay for yellow page ads proven to be a very poor investment. What return do you get from those ads?

If you invested (as an example) $5,000 in SEO, and in the following 12 months reaped at least $5,000 of new business, that's a 100% return on your investment! With great search engine exposure you are in front of millions of potential new customers daily.

Review our SEO pricing at our Service Center and select the number of hours you require. Or, Request a Bid Today!