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Migrate Joomla! Website

Joomla Migration:

If you want to migrate Joomla! from version 1.0 "something", or 2.5 "something" to the newest 3.3, there are a number of processes and hurdles to endure. Upgrade Joomla! or migrate Joomla! is often considered the same. However, they are completely different operations.

Migrate Joomla! With CautionTo upgrade Joomla! you are simply assuring your current version has the newest code available for your specific version, has all the security updates, and is prepared for the mobile market. There are now several versions of Joomla! - 1.0; 1.5; 2.5; 3.3.

Send me your information and Request A Bid in order to understand what you need and what's involved. Full migrations starting at just $300. I may be able to simply strip your content and images, then create a new site in less time than migrating what you have.

What's in the Migration:

If you want to change your Web site so that you are using the newest Joomla! (the ending numbers change often), and you are using anything in the 1.0.?? or 1.5.?? or 2.5?? versions, you have some work ahead of you. This is called "migrating" from previous versions to the current version.

If you searched migrate Joomla! Website you already know how difficult it is to find someone who will perform this migration process for you - until now. Most of the results include "how to" information on the subject. But be warned! Migrating is not a simple process for the untrained. If it's not done properly you could lose everything in your site.

Thinking about the time and knowledge for migrating.

I Have the Experience

I can migrate your site for you. Generally, in about 14 hours I can get your data into the latest version of Joomla! if you are using a 1.0? version. However, this will not include any "third-party" software you have installed nor your template. Nothing you have installed in version 1.0? is compatible with the latest Joomla!

This means that you will basically be migrating (moving) your content and database into the newest system - that's all. Anything that was not part of the default Joomla! installation will mandate finding "new" software to replace whatever you had installed in addition to the default Joomla! This means you need to obtain a new template also.

What Can I Keep?

I will go through the list of inclusions you have and help you find acceptable replacements. I can create a custom template for you based upon your original. Or, you can find a "free" or inexpensive template already developed for use with the latest Joomla. Be careful with these, though. There are many templates that may look nice, but they are extremely complex and create a lot of work to implement as well for you to administrate your site. In short, your articles and menus will be retained. Yet, you will not have access to any of them without work - even after the migration is completed.

Joomla! 1.0


There are many sites on the Net (including Joomla.org) where you can find instructions on how a migration can be accomplished. But there are a lot of Website owners who have no desire to learn what is necessary to move their medium or large site content. Additionally, the official information from Joomla includes a link for a tool to aid in the process of migrating Joomla 1.0, but the tool is very cumbersome and simply doesn't work as intended. It's possible that I can get you migrated for just $300.

I have been contracted by many companies that had virtually been abandoned (other than the content) since their Web site was created. They had grown to more than 1,000 pages over the years. In 12 hours I had these sites working on the latest Joomla! - fully migrated and updated. The tools I use to migrate are far superior to those recommended by Joomla.org and work extremely fast. By the way. A Joomla! 1.0? project must be migrated to Joomla 1.5 first. Then it has to be migrated to the 2.5. So, a Joomla! 1.0? development requires 2 migrations, and then an upgrade to the current version. Or, I can strip the content and images only, then create a new site - which is what I recommend.

Joomla! 1.5

Where is the Time Spent?

Much of the time spent in migration is preparing to use the migration software then assuring everything is working correctly. Additional time must be planned for finding and installing any third-party software and a new template. But what takes the most time is re-creating the menu (if your project is older than version 2.?) and re-mapping your articles. Because the menu is so different now from any 1.? version, the menu must be remapped in order to link properly to every page.

To migrate Joomla! from 1.? to the most current version means having to install additional software to your current site and take steps to get fully migrated to the latest version. Quite frankly, the entire process is tedious, complex, and one that is suggested for only those who are very familiar with Joomla! and Web development.

It's not possible to migrate from 1.0 to the latest in one step. Basically it's a 3 phase process. But each phase has several steps and processes that must be followed. In fact, to make the job easier, the entire operation should be completed on a local hard drive. There again is something most Web site owners - even seasoned professionals - are not well-versed in accomplishing.

Upgrading from version 2.? to the most current is much less time. However, it's still not something that can be done in a couple of hours.

Here's the "secret". If you keep current with all the updates about which Joomla! advises you each time you log in to Admin, then your upgrade process is very, very simple. The process becomes a real "project" when you fail to maintain the site. Every time you log in to Joomla! the system automatically checks your entire project to see "if anything" needs to be updated. If there is software that needs to be updated, you are advised with an obvious message over the top of the Admin area. As long as you keep updated, you won't run into the problems outlined above.

Joomla! 2.5

What Should I Expect?

If you want to migrate Joomla! 1.0.? to the most current version, or your 1.5.? to the most current version, T.A. Garrison, LLC will do this for you quickly and at a very reasonable rate.

To migrate from 1.0.? to the current version will take approximately 12 hours at our standard hourly rate of $55.

To migrate from 1.5.? to the current version will take approximately 10 hours at our standard hourly rate of $55.

To migrate from 2.5 to the current 3.3 will take approximately 8 hours and that depends on the number of modules installed. If you have an E-Commerce site using a shopping cart, that can run upwards of 15 hours to migrate, replace modules, replace or install new plugins that are mandatory in addition to creating a new template (if you have me create one for you).

Finding and installing software to replace what you had will mandate additional time.

Stop putting it off! Contact me today to get started! You may find that beginning from a brand-new installation is the best approach. There are ways I can extract the articles from your database and input them into your new project. Call me - let's talk about your options.

Stop Thinking About Migrating and Call Us Today!

Don't Wait!

The longer you wait the more headaches you will encounter. Most hosting services will no longer support Php 4 which is what Joomla! 1.0.? requires. Php is now up to 7.0 (as of February 2016), which is far beyond what Joomla! 1.5.26 can use. When software, Php and hosting servers are no longer allowing old sites, that means your site will simply stop working one day and be unavailable to visitors.

Don't let your business be punished with an old Web site. Migrate your Joomla! Web site into the most recent version and prepare your site to automatically update itself, including your third-party software, so that you can stay up-to-date.

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