Let me paint your vision on the canvas called the Web


Website Hosting Services My Web development businesses started with L.T. Creations, LLC in 2000. I changed the name to T.A. Garrison, LLC in 2014. Developing Web sites since 1996, my experience grows daily and has been a never-ending learning process.


Hosting ServersHosting was always a part of L.T. Creations, LLC and that also changed in 2014 around the time my business became T.A. Garrison, LLC. I now refer clients to A2Hosting.com. But providing information has been an integral part of my business and I continue to provide consulting to every client. Having hosted Web sites for so many years and dealing with everything involved, including databases, I can manage every aspect of your project.

I launched the first "Community Forum" where members of any level can ask questions with a 24 hour response, interact with other members or simply read information to educate themselves.

Applying search engine optimization (SEO) for more than 16 years in addition to e-Commerce developments and designs, T.A. Garrison, LLC services cover all the primary services for your business.

My clients range from those who do not know a thing about a Web site (or don't want to know), to those who are well-versed in programming but simply don't know a particular aspect of developing Web sites.

Computer ExpertT.A. Garrison, LLC Computer Knowledge:

Having learned to use a computer in 1985, purchasing my first in 1990, using the first type of dial-up modem to access what was the Internet in 1991, it's clear that I have more than 30 years of expertise to provide others.

Full-time Professional vs Part-time Novice:

The deluge of inexperienced individuals who's full-time work is other than Web development is on the decline. Those who are dedicated may not be in high numbers, but they have a great deal of experience. I've depended on only Web development for income since 2000.

ProfessionalsProfessional Web engineers are those with many years of experience, talent, and devotion to the industry. Professionals have but one source of income - their career. When you consider a Web developer, use the same practices you would when hiring a contractor to build your home, a doctor or a lawyer. Those who are working several different, unrelated jobs are not who you seek.

License, Documentation, Referrals:

Ask to see the business license; Find out how many years of experience the person has; Talk to previous as well as current clients, and request samples of their past work.

Schools for much of Web site development are scarce. A great deal of what you need to know about a successful Web site is not in any book - because those who know the information are not writers, and they are not interested in sharing their expertise.

There are schools and degrees for "some" programming. But most of what is done in a Web site is not taught in school and there are no degrees for quality Web development. That doesn't mean a person is less capable. "On-the-job", practical experience in Web development is critical and past work speaks volumes. The more Web sites that a person has created, managed, repaired or re-designed, the better their credentials. Looking at some images of previous work doesn't tell you how well the site works, or how responsive the coding is for mobile users.

Business LicenseSo much of what is necessary for Web development depends on the experience of the developer. Also, you should find out if the developer is capable of writing code "without" software that does it for them. If not, they are highly questionable.

My main focus for nearly 10 years has been Joomla!. I design custom templates for Joomla!, create custom projects using Joomla!, and am in direct contact with some of the top developers for software that is used in Joomla!. I have developers who contact me for help with their Joomla! projects.

Customer Service:

How soon will you get a response from your developer to either voice mail or E-mail? From T.A. Garrison, LLC, usually less than 2 hours. Generally, calling 360-733-3667 will reach me directly and provide immediate answers to your questions.

To increase my "Grade-A" customer service, I started the only  "Community Forum" to address all user types. Ask questions about "your" issues, or read what others have written. Communicate with other members. Whatever your needs we are here to help.

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