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Database for a Website


A database allows you to store information, data, and perform complex operations. It's a "must have" for any site selling a large number of products or services. A database generates what is commonly known as "dynamic" pages - pages created only when a user selects a particular link.

Php-MyAdminA database used with a content management system (CMS) will allow you complete control over your entire Web site. Using the CMS you can create and edit pages in your site easily.


A high quality, secure, fully functional content management system (CMS) and database can be operational in less than 1 hour - and it's free. How is that possible?! If you are just "slightly" technical, you'll be able to click a few buttons, input required information, and have a CMS up and running in a few minutes. Contact me today and find out how to get yourself started.

Contact UsIf you have a good hosting company, you'll have cPanel which includes some very good CMS software. Select the CMS you would like to install, follow the few steps for installation and you are ready to start using your new Web site. Literally, in less than 15 minutes you can have your site ready to use. Of course you will want to create, buy or have a template for the site created for you. There are many free templates on the Internet designed for the specific CMS you choose, but you must use a template designed specifically for the CMS you chose.

I need help:

forum 400If you need more help I have several options for you. Most hosting packages also come with free software available through the cPanel. If that isn't enough for you, or you can't find what you need, come to my "Community Forum". Create a free account and you can get any question(s) you have answered within 24 hours. Or, contact me directly and let me help you. In the forum you'll have the opportunity to read what others have written, communicate with others, or post your own questions. If you need a little help before making decisions, use my Contact Me form to send me your thoughts or inquiry.