T.A. Garrison, LLc

"Let me paint your vision on the canvas called the web".

Web design has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Even in the last 5 years so much has changed that most small to medium businesses don't want to consider creating a new or updating their current Web site. Talk to me - I'll explain your options in detail.

Bellingham Web design

companies have flooded the area. When I began in 2000 there was only 1 other company and a few independent developers. But that's definitely changed. I'm still the only long-term developer who provides unlimited information - free of charge.

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professional SEO

Bellingham SEO (and every other city) has been my profession for more than 16 years. Wherever your business is located, I'll consult and/or apply only highly accepted practices to your project.

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Web Development


As a Website builder I will create your own site free! Hit "Start Now" and find out all the details.

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fast, meticulous work

When considering a developer, the lower hourly rate can cost you a fortune. A seasoned professional works faster due to experience. High attention to detail is included in all my work.

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Joomla! Expert


Joomla! is the most popular content management system, and WordPress is the second.

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over 16 years of experience

Customer Service

Before all else, I listen. My Web design process is one that looks at every project from the customer's point of view. Costs, future issues, maintenance is all information I want my clients to know.

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My Web development business began in 2000. I've worked on more projects than I can remember. Each of them had their own intracacies providing a wealth of knowledge I bring to every project.

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I've spent more than 40 years managing businesses. Working at one of the largest U.S. ground transportation companies in a variety of management positions aided in my work ethics and professionalism.

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Local Minded

Having worked with people around the world (literally), it's the local communities where I put forth the most effort. For local businesses, Just FiBi is my proudest moment I present to all local busiensses.

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About Me

I've been an independent Web developer for more than 16 years. I don't have a team, but I DO have the expertise to know where to find most any professional. I've never found a project to large or too small to tackle.

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My Team...Me